Meal and snack time is an important, delicious and healthy part of being a Tiger. WTDC offers healthy lunches and snacks are provided in the morning and afternoon for all the children at the daycare. Check out our caterer’s website here.

WTDC is aware that meals and snacks are important components of a child’s daily activities for reasons other than just nutrition, such as encouraging social skills and celebrating special events.   

To support a healthy diet, our lunches and snacks are approved by a Registered Dietician are trans fat free and follow nutrition guidelines.

  • When fruit is given, it should be fresh
  • Bread products should always be whole wheat
  • Packaged foods should be eliminated as much as possible (recognizing they are sometimes necessary for outings during the summer)
  • Cheese should not be processed
  • Snacks should always include fresh fruit
  • With vegetables: fresh is best, frozen is preferred to canned
  • When muffins are served, they may be oatmeal and other healthy choices.