Check out our testimonials:

"In the Summer time we get to go to lots of swimming pools and Wells Hill Park". In the winter we get to go outside and make giant snow men and giant snow balls." 

(Sophia, aged 6 ½)


"I like it so much that sometimes I don't want to leave!  The Daycare has lots of nice toys!"

(Juliana, aged 4 ½) 


"My daughter loves the fresh fruit they serve at the daycare".  

(Julie, mom to 5 year old) 


“A daycare within a facility that includes a school, community centre, and after school programs ("After School Rocks") gives my kids lots of choice.  The selection of extra curricular activities is amazing!”  

(Jonathan – Dad to 7 year old)


“I like the going to Wychwood Tigers because I have lots of friends there."  

(Fiona, age 5)


"I like doing yoga in my nursery school."

(Sammy, age 3)